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19 06 2011



5 06 2010

RANDOM FACT #1: David Crocket is my great great great great great great great great grandfather.

RANDOM FACT #2: I knew how to work a computer at the age of 5.

RANDOM FACT#3: I’m obsessed with the word “PIE”, but not actually the real thing.


RANDOM FACT #5: I’m running out of random facts.


I need inspiration.

5 06 2010

PLEASE COMMENT ON SOMETHING TO DO. I’m out of ideas. I’ll credit you if I choose your idea. PLEASE. Meanwhile, those types who want to see some stuff, here:

Coins For Change!!!

16 12 2009

Hey guys! Coins For Change started Dec 11, and I read that last year people donated more than one billion coins during coins for change (amazing, huh?)!!!!!!!!! Ok, bye!

Christmas party!!!!

16 12 2009

The Christmas party is coming Dec. 18!!!!!! I imagine it will be awesome!! oh- and did you hear there`ll be a sleigh ride for members in the lounge? It`s gonna be pretty awesome, in my opinion.  Kooto out.

New ninja game!

24 11 2009

Ok  guys sorry ive been off for a while. Listen all member ninjas: a new ninja game is coming out on the twenty fourth!!!! It can have up to four players, and the only other game that an play with four is sled racing. If your having trouble getting into the secret fire dojo, here is the guide:

step 1. Train with the sensie and become a ninja

step 2. Go to the building that earlier had a note on the entrance right beside the dojo

step 3. Scroll over the door and click on the new wooden door

step 4. Click on the book at the bottom right corner of the neqw room your in

step 5. Buy the amulet on the first page of the catalog

step 6. Click on the red gravestone with the fire symbol on top

step 7. Go inside the hut that comes up out of the river

And your in! Now, ive noticed a whole lot of penguins have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how to play the new game, and the game doesnt give you any ide of how to play,so heres my version of the instructions.

1. Once in the Fire Dojo, click on a mat or the sensei. If you click on the sensei, ussually a box will pop up that says, “This game full. Please check back later. Thank you for your patience!”. If you get that, its not a bug, so dont worry. I just get on a server with a lower amount of people. CARD-JITSU TIP: If you log of to get on a lower server so you can play the game, when you get to the list of servers, the best server to use is one with only 2/5 shaded in green (Lol, tips! wait to make yourself laugh!).


2.When its your turn, click on one of the glowing rocks inside the circle of tiles. the rocks will turn over, and the one you picked will be on fire. each tile has a number on it, wich will be anything IMBETWEEN zero and seven. Once the rocks are turned over, two of the tiles in the circle will glow. Click on the tile you want. But you`d be lost without knowing what each symbol on the tiles meant – if you click on 0ne with a fire symbol it`s a fire battle, so everybody has to use a fire card; a water sybol means water battle, so everybody has to battle with a water card; if you click on an ice symbol its an ice battle, and everybody uses an ice card.  But there are still two new symbols. a tile with the water, ice, AND fire all on it together means you choose whatever type of battle you want; fire, water, or ice; and a big yellowish – orange spikey explosion sort of thing with two face – down cards on it means card jitsu battle. When you click on a tile your ninja will move to that tile. If you click on a card-jitsu battle card then you will play card jitsu with the person on the card jitsu battle tile you jumped onto. If there is nobody ON the card jitsu tile you landed on, you get to choose who you battle against. Now, back to playing the game. After youve chosen a symbol you want to use, a bunch of blank spaces will appear in front of you. On the top right (the computer`s right, not yours) corner, there is a window with your penguin in it. Under that is five cards. Choose a card of the element your playing with. Try choosing the card with the highest number of all cards that have the element your battling with on it. If your card has the highest number, you win that battle. When you win, other people lose their energy, not you. If you lose, you lose your energy. If you tie, other people lose your energy, exept ror the one you tied with. You can see how much energy you have and how much energy other people have by looking at the circles with numbers on them of enrgy by your or their window.

4. Do all of that exept for clicking a glowing rock and clicking a glowing tile on somebody elses turn.

There you have it, penguins!